Safer Future Farm

In 1994, Safer Future acquire 31 acres (around 12 hectares) of farm land in Nyangbatown, Koya Rural District, about 25 km away from Allen Town.

The farm offers two main opportunities to residents in the region: firstly, students of the Vocational Institute pursing an education in Basic Agriculture are able to apply their knowledge on the farm, obtaining practical hands-on experience. Secondly, share agricultural experience with Farmers in the Farmer based Organisations (FBOs) in Nyangbatown. Also, the crops grown on the farm are sold at a reasonable cost to community members as a means of meeting the running costs of the Programme, thus ensuring its sustainability.

A farming house with dormitories and a classroom for residential training was constructed in 1997/98; in 2004, a kitchen and sanitary building were erected.

An Agriculture Officer and three assistants cultivate vegetables and other perennial crops, including cassava, groundnuts, cashew nuts, mangoes, coconuts, pineapples, sweet potatoes, pepper and garden eggs.

In 2012 the friends of SFYDP in Austria organised a training for staff of the Programme on permaculture. The training was done by a South African born Mr. John Nzira.

Students that offer to beĀ  trained in Basic Electronics and Solar Engineering,at the Rural Electronic Workshop (CCRE) resides at the farm.