Competence Centre for Renewable Energies(CCRE)

Safer Future with the support from the Austrian government is operating the Competence Centre for Renewable Energy.  The Centre is a research and education institution that is geared towards the development of locally adopted applications of renewable energy sources to realize an independent, decentralised and clean energy supply.
The Centre has graduated 10 female and 10 male technicians in the application and dissemination of Solar Photovoltaic, and Biomass and Biogas technologies. The training last for  9 months at the former “Rural Electronics Workshop (REW)” in Nyangbatown, Koya Rural District.
Actually Safer Future is enlarging the training centre at Nyangba Town in constructing additional student and staff dormitories (see pictures below). Beside this activity the teaching staff has already begun researches in the field of Biomass/Biogas and started a test biogas – tank fed with pig waste (see pictures below).

During theory class

Before the renaming of the Rural Electronic Workshop to Competence Centre for Renewable Energy in 2006, a pilot training for twelve Sierra Leoneans on solar photovoltaic and electronic skills was held. The six months residential course was on Basic Electronics and Solar Photovoltaic Technology.
During Practical Class
The training was conducted by two trained technicians of Safer Future and two Austrian volunteers.

Department: Solar Photovoltaic Department
Training is done in both theory and practicals
Established in: February 2006
Duration: 9 months
Theory Subjects: Basic Solar Photovoltaic, Basic Electronics/Electric Engineering, Mathematics, Communication, General Paper, Agriculture, House Installation, Guidance and Counseling
Practical Subjects: Electronics, Photovoltaic Installation-Maintenance and Repair, Agriculture