Volunteer Service

Information & Criteria
The SFYDP began its voluntary service program as early as 1993. Local but also international volunteers are welcome to serve for a period of at least 3 to 6 months or a year with the programme. Safer Future is also liable to host Alternative Service Volunteers from Austria (Auslandsdienst als Ersatz für Zivildienst) under a programme implemented by the Frastanz Parish (Pfarre Frastanz)

Who can serve as a volunteer:
Male and Female volunteers can apply for a voluntary service on the following terms

  • Completion of a technical education or university course
  • Preferred subjects: Information Technology, Social Work, Project Writing and Development, Agriculture, Renewable Energy/Solar, Development related Studies, Water and Sanitation, etc.
  • To be flexible and adaptable to changing work situation.
  • To be proactive and complimentary

How to apply?
Applications with letter of motivation, detailed CV and filled Application Form (see below) shall be sent electronically and in English Language to the following addresses: application@saferfuture.org and office@saferfuture.org
All applicants are notified after receiving their application. The selection process includes a face-to-face interview with management.
Please make sure to include the following information in the application:
a. Proposed period of service
b. Objective of service with SFYDP
c. Ideas and possible own contribution to the development of the programme
d. Working hours per week
e. Necessary preparations such as tools and materials to be undertaken by the volunteer