Computer Training

Before the Computer Centre was started in 2006, an Austrian volunteer by the name of Tobias Defranceschi trained three staff of the Programme (Ella, Amadu and Sheku(late)) in computer soft and basic hardware. The Centre is powered by solar electricity Installed by the Programme’s own trained technicians. The centre provides desk top publishing, printing and scanning service and support the  Programme’s management in administrative work. Training in software and basic hardware are on offer at the centre. A minimal fee is charge for every service being offered in order to be able to finance the ruining cost. A building project that was intended for the Computer Centre is still under construction. It is our hope that upon completion the Centre will have enough space to accommodate the equipment available and for future expansion. The Centre is in dire need of computers,photo copiers and colour printers.

Pictures of the unfinished building

Department: Computer Centre
Founded in: 2006
Head of Department: Miss Ella Yeama Yanker
Teachers: Mr. Amadu D.C. Bangura, Miss Ella Yeama Yanker
Courses: Basic Hardware, MS Windows 2000/XP, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Publisher, Installation, Networking, Internet, Visio
Course Duration: 4 weeks for each course

Practical Photos