Safer at a glance

Safer Future Youth Development ProjectThe Safer Future Youth Development Programme (SFYDP) is a registered non-profit, non-governmental, interdenominational, local Organisation geared towards improving the lives of young people. The SFYDP was formed due to the poor quality of  living standards that even led to a decade long war. The ideology of this Project is to improve the lives of marginalised and deprived youths by providing free education in different technical and vocational skills. This training enables students to provide for themselves, while helping to reconstruct the poor economy and social conditions. Furthermore, the SFYDP strives to develop and maintain infrastructure in rural and remote areas by introducing alternate energy sources, mainly solar energy, providing life-skills training in secluded communities and improving the water situation by implementing rainwater harvesting systems, constructing and repairing water wells.

 SFYDP work with the Ministries of Youths; Education, Science and Technology, Finance and Economic Development and is a registered member of the Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (SLANGO) and Sierra Leone Farmers Association.

Its membership is open to any individual or group wishing to assist in the empowerment of young people in rural communities, especially through training programmes on self reliance, sustainability and dependability.